In the Sichos (discourses) section, we present 14 documents corresponding to each of Rambam’s Mishneh Torah books. The documents contain the phrases found in the Mishneh Torah on which the Lubavitcher Rebbe has given Sichos. Each phrase is followed by the references to his Sichos.

Click on one of the 14 book numbers/titles to view and download the Sicha references which are found within.

Sefer Hamada

Book of Knowledge

Sefer Ahavah

Book of Love

Sefer Zemanim

Book of Seasons

Sefer Nashim

Book of Women

Sefer Kedushah

Book of Holiness

Sefer Haflaah

Book of Utterances

Sefer Zeraim

Book of Agricultural Laws

Sefer Avodah

Book of The Temple/Services

Sefer Korbanot

Book of Sacrifices

Sefer Taharah

Book of Ritual Purity

Sefer Nezikin

Book of Damages

Sefer Kinyan

Book of Property Acquisition

Sefer Mishpatim

Book of Judgments

Sefer Shoftim

Book of Judges

Glossary for Sources from Iturei Melech:

אגרות קודש – Igros Kodesh
בשוה”ג – Beshulei Hagilyon – Footnotes Below the line
יין מלכות – Yayn Malchus
לקו”ש – Lekutei Sichos

סה”ש – Sefer Hasichos
ספה”ש – Sefer Hasichos
רשימות – Reshimos

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The author would like to acknowledge, with deep appreciation, the generous permission from Rabbi Uri Wilhelm of Chazak Publishers, for the use of these references to Sichos of The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Rambam’s Mishneh Torah. These references can be found direct in the text of their own publication of Mishneh Torah called Mishneh Torah Hashaleim.

The author would like to thank Rabbi Shneur Zalman Brackman for his help in organising the Rebbe’s Sichos References.