The Rambam Press Series is an innovative work, in English,  designed to allow you, as the reader, access to the breadth of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah at many different levels.

Overview of our Works:

  • The Comprehensive volumes (set of 8) explain each of the thousand chapters of Mishneh Torah in detail, with hyper–linking, and features the Rambam’s original text. Where possible, tables and diagrams are used to enhance the reader’s understanding.
  • The Concise volume provides a brief summary of each of the thousand chapters, so as to see more clearly the beautiful framework of Mishneh Torah.
  • The Tables and Outlines volumes (set of 3) include volume 1 and 2 which reflect the Mishneh Torah in tabular form, placed in subject alphabetic order. It is this material that has been used for hyperlinking through our ‘Reminder’ facility, quickly linked from the QR codes in the Comprehensive volumes. These reminders can therefore be accessed in book form on Shabbos and Yom tov or for those without smartphones.

    Volume 3 contains an index of Packs of Tables and Outlines. These reflect the Mishneh Torah in tabular form, placed in subject alphabetic order and grouped into 58 packs for readers who would like to study Mishneh Torah by topic.  The tables and outlines and packs  can also be found on our website’s Packs & Tables page.

  • The Key Facts volumes tries to reflect the essence of each of the 83 sets of halachot, drawn from the words of the Rambam.
  • The Index volume, comprises more than 8,000 terms, arranged alphabetically in English and transliterated English.
  • Translation into English. We have set up a link to’s translation, and acknowledge’s generosity in allowing us its use.
  • The Daily Study guide includes a calendar for daily study, for 3 chapters a day, one chapter a day, and Rambam’s Sefer Hamitzvot. This Schedule is continually available for viewing on our website’s Daily Study page.
  • References to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Sichos (discourses) on Mishneh Torah. This is continually available for viewing on our website’s Sichos page.

Mishneh Torah Maps:

Torah Map is a unique visual subject guide to Rambam’s Mishneh Torah created by a professional cartographer.

Current Releases

With much gratitude, the 8 volumes of the Comprehensive Summary, the Concise Summary, Key Facts Volume and Index Volume are now in print and available for purchase on our website, Kehot and Amazon.

The books are also available on all distribution channels of Ingram Spark.

Soon to be available at all major Judaica Stores.

Latest Release!

With much gratitude, all 3 volumes of the Tables and Outlines are now available to purchase.


Scan the QR code on your phone/tablet to test one of our cross-references which appear throughout the Studying Rambam series. 

A Closer look at the Comprehensive Summary

This is our main set of volumes, a comprehensive summary, featuring a number of aspects shown below.

״ממשה עד משה לא קם כמשה״

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Please Note: Because this work is a summary, there will undoubtedly be omissions and inaccuracies.

To reduce this to a minimum, Rabbi Shabsi Tayar (Dayan Mehadr Beis Din Tribunal – Melbourne) has thoroughly checked through the text, and I am most grateful for his many editings and comments.

However, the author would be grateful for further comments or suggestions.