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Rambam Press
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 9 reviews
 by Menachem Lipskier
Great Resource

Simply great set up, gives great intro to each chapter with comprehensive background

 by Chicago Mesivta Shluchim
Phenomenal Rambam Set

Many Mesivta Bochurim here really appreciated using this Rambam set. We have raffled off several, and it has proven to be a great incentive.

It is an extremely valuable resource for the daily Rambam study, providing helpful background and explanation without having to relearn the Rambam from a full English translation. Many Bochurim benefit from reading the summaries either before or after learning, as it helps retention of the main points and ideas.

This set is highly recommended.

Thank you for this phenomenal resource.

 by Dovid Masinter

It can be very hard to follow the flow of Rambam, particularly between each chapter, but this masterpiece enables you to learn and understand the Rambams work properly and clearly, whether its 3 chapters per day, 1 chapter per day or sefer hamitzvos, Thank you for your outstanding work!

 by Dovid Vigler
Transforming Daily Rambam Study

Thank you for this wonderful contribution of scholarship. Your work has really transformed my ability to learn the daily Rambam on a whole new level of clarity and understanding. Highly recommended. Yasher Koach

Dovid Vigler

Chabad of Palm Beach Garden FL

 by Rabbi Chay Amar, Chabad Of Golden Beach, Florida
Truly Phenomenal!

I have been using the Studying Rambam series and it has made a paradigm shift in my studying of Rambam. It is clear, it's concise; it's really incredible! I now understand why you named the series 'Studying Rambam' because you really get to STUDY it. Once you have the idea clear in your head, the whole experience of learning Rambam is on another level and that is what this series does. Thank you!

 by Daniel Wolffe
Kol Hakavod

I start with the Comprehensive Summary notes before learning inside. After learning inside I take out the Key Facts and Concise Summary to get a refresher. I have also used the Index which is very user friendly (no computer!) I feel like I am learning Rambam for the first time!

 by Daniel
Comprehensive Summary Series

Very good series for both layman and scholar alike. It gives quite a broad perspective on many issues relevant to today's world.

 by Rabbi ND Dubov, Chabad Wimbledon
Great book!

Great book! Great Website and Amazing Service! This project brings learning Rambam to a new level!

 by Rivkah
Concise Summary

I really am enjoying the Concise Summary series. I would never have tried learning the Mishneh Torah if not for this series which makes it so appealing!