The Concise Summary volume has 2 functions:

  1. It summarises the 1000 chapters of Mishneh Torah (as in Comprehensive Summary), but in a very brief fashion. This allows the reader to see more clearly, the magnificent framework around which the Rambam constructed the Mishneh Torah.
  2. As in the Comprehensive Summary, the Concise Summary also highlights the 613 Scriptural Mitzvot with icons, and it is easy to see how the Rambam has allocated these to the 83 sets of Halachot, and more specifically to which chapters.

This allows the reader to easily focus on which of the 613 Scriptural Mitzvot are being discussed in the current chapters being learnt world-wide (i.e. the third track of learning as recommended by the Lubavitcher Rebbe – See the Introduction to the book).

Today, thousands of Jews at all levels, have been studying the Mishneh Torah. Time-tables are available, whereby everyone learns the same chapters together each day, bringing an extra dimension of unity to the studying. Our Daily Study page includes links to schedules for all 3 tracks of learning.

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